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No need to apologize. Well, or minimally, not allowing himself zavinovatit. viagra sale Say I'm sorry that it happened.
TC, you already knew that nakosyachil, and not when she was struck, etc. - is just a further development of previously existing trends. Well as Recursion wrote.
However, the recognition of its version of events won't fix anything. On the contrary, tell her that she's completely right. Even if it has some doubt.
And in apologetic tyranic looks like that sorry)) And what will happen viagra with your authority, as you will continue to live with her? She will do what she wants, and what you promised? And poke your nose. And what happens?
Do not bend - priority goal, everything else is secondary.
To change for the better you got, and not under the influence of the loosened eggs. If this works, they will begin to twist about and no.

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Leave her alone, hopefully she will be able to find a more appropriate option.
She repeatedly said that she needed different emotions and I gave them to her.
I thought + in moments of candid conversation(high rapport), she admitted that she sometimes creates stickie and Angers me to get a different charge emotions.
I think the main problem is that she recently lacked emotion. Work sucked with a lot of energy and emotion was less, and the negative among them were more than pozitivnyh. She also mentioned that few went to "emotional" the last time, wanted to take the company to the club, but then in the cold.
Yes, the fear that I may offend.

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Try to not reconcile on her terms and without sagging (common position: "don't be silly", and I'm sorry to point neverball). If it works then quietly change all on their own. If that fails, let go, can podostynet over time.
In short she has to bend and return without any conditions. No there are no other options. This is the first step out of the crisis, the complex will begin next.
In 12/1/2016 at 04:32, Q99 said:
She probably realized that life with you on a powder keg.