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Cialis was normal, there was fights, there were grievances, the importance of the mine was above the entire period of the relationship, except when filled up some of her checks until I is not restored.
--------- Recent events ----------
A few months ago began to rent an apartment from a friend. Before that, they lived separately. erectile dysfunction has taken over the entire life: cleaning, cooking, etc., I paid for the apartment, bought groceries together, when I, when she needs to. I have rude and abrupt. The last month and a half at my work got crazy, very tired, came, exhausted, sometimes angry, could collide with her or to shout. She perceived with understanding, support. Tried to give me nice things, surprise that I, out of fatigue or complacency, he said cool. There have been requests(complaints) about the lack of warmth, care, etc. I didn't always respond.
About a week ago, was the case - she totally had me, I responded very abruptly and rudely( yelled and gave two very weak slaps, not even a slap, but just sharply turned her head),took offense + a night with rude(angry) took it up, and in the process it was evident that she is frightened. A few days later she raised viagra usa the subject that was overreacting to a joke and hurt her. Over the fact that I said you're too hurt me, and let's not talk about it. But her resentment remained.

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The day before yesterday afternoon, when I was at work, she began again to write about if she was a little hurt and something inside broke after that again the answer was that it also made me sad.
In the evening, when she came home from work I asked her what was happening, and received a reply that long endured, forgave my rudeness and FSUs*ISM, a lack of warmth and concern that after the case inside there was a hole and I was gone and on the weekends it hauls stuff home to mom. Was the phrase that MB you will understand now without me and whether I deserved such Cialis etc. at First I thought it was a threat to get back into my normal attitude and to increase the amount of attention and care(to restore balance), but she's serious. Notice that the phrase "I'm going to move out on the weekend," she repeated very many times and I got the impression that she says, so as not to convince me, and himself. The night was affection and sex, but somehow kept her, after sex said still afraid of me and could not relax after that fight.

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I have a really rude and abrupt. Before these situations, she said several times that I would bring her to the point that she'll move out, to which I answered, then leave. As it was felt leading such responses and reactions seemed fine to me, but it has accumulated negative. For this, too, was a rebuke.
Thought about the Bob - 100% is impossible to be sure never, but there was not. Most likely I relaxed, she was trying and she was tired. After reading the FAQ on the Inversion of Significance, found a lot of matches.
What to do in the moment, and until the weekend? What to do in order to steer and not ProE*at her? Could this be just a deflection to align BZ? Tell me.
Sorry for such a description of the situation and Viagra that I have read.
Agree with the assessments, but have concerns with tips on the current situation:)