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Don't know what she's inadequate? Perhaps the theme of a typical,but what is it inadequate? In me, my condition or statement pieces? - I agree, it's not all adequately.
If she have not loved, so why invested and did everything around the house, trying to spend more time together, Les with sex. It was a request, signals that it is heavy, and I pissed away. I relaxed,was nervy and tired - Pozarevac on her and good to her. I'm not an alpha, but not so weak as you describe.
And now I got the balls. Was not ready for it, swam a bit, explained, argued, told not to leave, but the knees do not lie!

I read in AMF - "if the real reasons were not, erectile dysfunction sale viagra is simply put the blame and leaves - then there is anger, resentment, hatred; more difficult if the reason really was the place to be, then comes the emptiness"
PS: Sky, no offense, but remember yourself and your behavior in your previous topics and comments you just, like, Watch. At such moments, almost all inadequate.
Sergey, please :)

But you think TI is better than trying to prove that is valued and needed, so as to be perceived as her victory and my loss.

- don't talk (and she considers that the rights that you*er, she does everything right)
The maximum that while comes to mind is to break this pattern and, for example, to take a passive-aggressive tactics. Collect the remains of her belongings, carefully pack and arrange transportation where it is necessary in a time when it is convenient, in the same car\van put (here depending on your fancy), a huge Teddy bear. If erectile dysfunction is not a psychopath, she's in the trash it will not immediately carry (with the rest of your worth), so it will serve as an excellent anchor. If you write, you had good memories (holidays, etc.), buy viagra it Willy-nilly, it will be to remember.

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He can see that opinion is divided, it is very difficult to predict. Also depends on how OVC strong\weak. Judging by the behaviour last week said that he would leave, definitely leave, however, carried only a part of things.
It was not possible to take all at once? If there was an opportunity, but she chose differently, so wanted this RAID to be done. Maybe she wanted to watch you once again, figure out how much you're hurting, will try to persuade, etc. in this scenario, obviously, to persuade and to show weakness is impossible.
That is, it now expects 2 alignment:

- will persuade (and it is, on the rise their self-esteem and viagra reduce your worth against such deflection, double confidence will go)

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At the same time to prepare a proper farewell phrase: say, for example, that you realize that everything you went wrong, how could you schiesel that when collaborating on Cialis you could handle. However, to add, I respect your decision, you know that we had many quarrels and disagreements and we're both tired of it. And please accept from me this parting gift - I want despite what happened, you left me good memories.
However, no direct apology, admission of guilt, no protiveris should not be. Don't take the position from the bottom. You can take a position on a par - to give you equal responsibility ("WE could cope," "WE didn't do it", "WE are tired"). This is in order to remove the feeling of "victory" - that she realized that both of you lose (and you alone) and that 4 years has gone nowhere (girls sharper feel, because she'll be 22).
You still know it better than we do, try to find points that can be indirectly hurt.
Again, advice is subjective. Think, could this help in your case.
This is not DOD. Yet.