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  • Do not drink too much alcohol (for example, 5 glasses of wine or 5 shots of whiskey).

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"It is important that not only high significance, but of high value. Disregard this value is clearly lower (although increasing the importance). She is afraid of you. She is sure that you don't need. Your value to her now is zero, because to rely on you, she can not - you made it seem, how easily will reject it. "
The phrase that she said in that moment was really not pleasant. I first said that it's not normal to say such a thing, then she started to attack. In those days she already said something stupid in jest, hurt me then apologized on his own initiative, and then in the or on the trail. I repeated this phrase.
I'm not saying I did all right. You are right that my behavior and sale viagra attitude questioned its value and usefulness to me. Sounds strange, but I didn't do it intentionally. When I now reread the inversion - there it is

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"Are you so afraid of backbends that are doing some nonsense viagra sale gesture for no reason, rude, screaming, hysteria. Your text is not visible below, she had some obvious mistakes. Or you don't. Perhaps you now much kortizola, you blame yourself and describe yourself with the worst hand. Then describe in detail what she kosyachila that in the end you made such a model of behavior as the only effective, because your actions and reactions more suited to the habit of manipulative, not for the girl you described."
Sometimes there were reasons, sometimes Gestel for no reason. Now fully adequately will not be divided into black and white. Where it was necessary to respond softer. Somewhere it was necessary not to keep to myself if something unpleasant. A greater appreciation for what she does. It's not perfect, as we all do, but doesn't deserve such behaviour and reactions, which I recently gave her. I was not always this way; it's a period. This summer we had a good, Congress to the sea, well-rested and happy, and from her I have heard and seen. She said last month it was hard for her.

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I half an hour to describe his subject, while maintaining the app and buy viagra all the work is gone. Restore the with the situation and the question, the rest will finish the course, so the second time I have not enough. I will be grateful for your understanding.
The forum read before, sometimes re-read the FAQs, but still not enough.
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